Software Training Institutes in Bangalore

6_4_2013_12_03_2201_dfSoftware training institutes in Bangalore including Aptech Computer Education in Yelahanka offers a wide range of computer courses, Hardware & networking and English Courses to various students. We Aptech Yelahanka center have trained more that 8000 students in the past 6 years.


Software training institute in Bangalore

In order to be successful in today’s world, one has to be master various technologies that can enable him to design and creative innovative solutions so as to cater to the different needs of the various kinds of businesses. If you are wondering how, all you need to do is register with Lakshmi Infotech a Software training institute in Bangalore.


Lakshmi Infotech is a software training institute in Bangalore (Yelahanka) that offers job oriented courses. Since the past six years we have helped many students build their careers in software, hardware, networking, Business Management and Search Engine Optimization by providing the right kind of education and training. We are tied up with many well-known institutions to provide certified courses that can help students not only in building their careers but also in starting their own companies. We also provide spoken English courses to build up your confidence and help you face the challenges of the world.

Our Mission:

  • To help our candidates build successful careers in their chosen field by providing the right kind of training and certification.
  • To provide quality education to all candidates by tying up with popular institutes of education and technology

Our Vision:

To become the centre of excellence of training for all candidates to gain education and build careers in the field they choose.

Our Training Philosophy:

We have taken franchise of various technical and educational institutions like Aptech computer education and Aptech Hardware and Networking to provide quality training in Computer Programming, Networking, Business Management, SEO, Engineering Project and English Communication to students who register with us. We also provide placements to our candidates in their chosen fields with some of the top recruiters in India and abroad. Compared to many Software training institutes in Bangalore we offer best placements.

Our Services

We, at Lakshmi Infotech, intend to provide quality training services to all our candidates that can help them build their careers in their chosen fields and also get top placements all over the world. We have taken franchise from various technical and education institutions that include:


Software training institutes in Bangalore

Aptech computer education

Aptech has about 30 years of experience in IT training of top quality and has won many awards and achievements. As a Franchise of Aptech, we offer courses in:
Computer programming languages like C, C++, Java and .Net:

  • Programming in C is a course of 40 hours duration which can be done by anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers. You can be a graduate, an engineer or a student. You will be provided with a thorough understanding of programming logic by certified trainers who offer structured learning of C along with practice sessions.

  • Programming in C++ is a course of 32 hours duration which can be done by anyone who has basic programming knowledge. Apart from gaining expertise in working with C++, you will also learn how to write codes in C++ after completing this course. We offer Java training in bangalore.

  • Programming with .Net is a course of 48 hours duration which can be done by anyone who has a working knowledge of C#. This course gives you a deep insight into the basics of .Net development, enabling you to build solutions for desktops, servers, mobile phones, web apps and embedded devices.

  • If you choose to learn Java, you can learn how to develop desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps and enterprise apps using Java.

We provide many courses unlike other Software training institutes in Bangalore.

Platforms like Oracle, PHP, SAP (FICO) and SQL:

These are IT certifications that can be done by IT professionals. These courses can help you develop applications using PHP, SQL, Oracle and SAP. You can also use certain database management techniques along with these apps in order to improve user experiences.


Aptech Hardware and networking:

If you want to build a career in Information Technology, the courses mentioned below will be of great use to you:

  • A+, N+: A+ and N+ Certifications are good for anyone who wants to enter the computer support field. After completing these courses you will gain all the skills needed to perform various tasks like installation, configuring, diagnostics, basic networking and performing preventive maintenance. You can work in the role of an IT technician or go into Help Desk Support with these Certifications. Computer support technicians are always in demand everywhere in the world. With so many technologies emerging by the day, these certifications will give you the basic knowledge of networking and get you prepared for taking up advanced courses in the field. We are unique from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide A+, N+ Certifications.

  • MCSA and CCNA: These are advanced certification courses that will take you to the next level in IT support and Networking. We offer MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Depending upon your preference you can choose any. MCSA Windows 8 is an 80-hour course where classes are held for two hours a day, 6 days a week. After completing this course you will be able to successfully configure, install, administer and maintain Windows 8 installation, be it standalone or corporate. You will also be able to maintain the Windows devices and clients and successfully manage Windows 8 with the help of cloud services as well as the Microsoft desktop optimization pack. MCSA (Windows server 2012) is a course of 120-hour duration with classes of 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. This course will be very useful for Engineers, working professionals, IT graduates and undergraduates. You will be learning how to install, administer, configure and manage Windows Server 2012. You will be able to implement the infrastructure related to Windows Server 2012 successfully into an enterprise environment. You will be able to administer all the tasks that are essential to maintain such infrastructure including managing users, giving network access and maintaining data security. You will also be well-aware of certain advanced tasks related to configuring that will help you in deploying, managing and maintaining the infrastructure of Windows Server 2012. We are unique from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide MCSA and CCNA Certifications.


English Guru:

We, at Lakshmi Infotech, understand the importance of being able to communicate fluently in English. This will give you the confidence to interact with the world and take on any kind of challenge life brings upon you. With the help of English Guru, we offer you the right kind of study material through our packages that will help you start speaking English within just a period of 30 days. If this doesn’t happen we give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our package consists of books, Audio/Video CDs, computer learning set, dictionary, practice book, tense chart, English learning guidelines and more, to help you learn English in the best way possible and achieve fluency. This package is designed by Professionals who are experts in English language and have a genuine interest to help people who find it difficult to speak in English. Just about any person can benefit from this package as long as he/she goes through the guidelines properly. Many have benefited from this package, which is why more than a lac packages have been sold. The hard work put in by our team of professionals in putting together this package is bringing out results in terms of positive feedback by our users. You will definitely love this simple and convenient system of learning English. We are unique from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide Spoken English Classes in Bangalore.

SEO / Digital marketing:

We offer SEO training courses to students who intend to become SEO experts. We also offer SEO training courses that are industry specific. With each and every business going for an online presence, there is a huge demand for SEO experts to increase the visibility and generate traffic to these websites through Search Engine Optimization. A short-term SEO training course will expose you to a world of opportunities that can take you a long way towards success. The SEO training course we offer is of 40 hour duration that can be done by anyone, be it a graduate, an MBA or a job-hunter. After completing this course you will be well-versed with the top techniques of SEO, preparing and implementing an SEO strategy, documentation, report and SEO Return on Investment. You will be trained on interpreting the algorithms of various search engines. We will also give you a hands-on experience in using SEO techniques to improve the page ranking of a website and bring it on to the top page of the search engine results. Our trainers are SEO professionals and experts in understanding and adapting the latest SEO techniques. We are unique from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide Digital Marketing training and certification.


Engineering project:

We are tied up with IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) to provide support for students who want to take up engineering projects. This will be very helpful to Engineering students, BCA students and MCA students too. Our team includes professionals who are well-trained in IEEE to teach, train and support students with their engineering projects. We will be there with you guiding you in each and every step from the beginning to end. We will make sure the finished project is complete in all aspects and absolutely error-free. Such a project will not only improve your grades in your course, it will also give you a good standing when looking for a placement. We are different from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide live Engineering projects.


About Faculty:

Since we are tied up with many professional technical and educational institutions, the faculty we have on board are the ones who are trained and certified by these organizations. They are experienced in providing online training and support in their chosen fields. Our faculty members have extensive knowledge in their fields and are always updating themselves with the latest technological developments that happen in their fields. They are very much dedicated and share a passion to help students through their knowledge and experience. There are many software training institutes in Bangalore who claim they have experienced faculty, come to our center and experience the quality of faculties.

We have helped lot of students in obtaining education and training in their chosen fields. We have also counselled many in taking up the right course depending upon their interests and capabilities. This has helped them find good placements and build successful careers in their lives. There are many who have started their own companies too. We will be glad to be of help to you if you wish to contact us any time.


Placement is another service we offer at Lakshmi Infotech. Once we provide the right kind of education or training to our candidates, we will be aware of their capabilities and interests. This will put us in a better position to decide on the job positions that they can fit into. We have tie-ups with some of the top recruiters both in India as well as abroad. Additionally, the educational and technical institutions that we are tied up with also help in finding good placements for our students. We are unique from other Software training institutes in Bangalore as we provide 100% placement assistance.

We have helped many students in getting placements in the top companies of many countries around the world. For those, who have shown interest in starting up something on their own, we have provided all the support we could. Apart from top companies across the world, we also have a number of job-recruitment agencies within our network that help in assessing the skills of our candidates and make sure they get the placements they deserve.